Our Story continues with John doing another song. He departs saying he’ll be back, and Anna Louise arrives with her fiddle, followed shortly thereafter by her brother, Tommy, with his banjo and guitar - - 

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                                      A HANK WILLIAMS STORY – part 3 

- - “I Won’t Be Home No More” 1952 

A few “yahoos” went up in the air, and a few laughs. Anna Louise said, “That’s a good one. Who’d you write that song about, Hank?” She was just playing with him. and leading him on. 

Hank responded, “You just keep on dancing with that fiddle, Darlin’.” 

Tommy stepped over to Connie, and traded his banjo for his guitar. 

“That’s a nice-looking guitar,” said Hank. 

“Thanks, said Tommy. Augustine Hebert, over in Avery Island made it. It’s got a sound of its own, alright. I know he’ll make one for you, Hank. Shoot, he’ll probably give you one.” 

“I just might look him up,” said Hank. “I could use a new one. - Why don’t you take the lead on this one, Tom. I just recorded it a few weeks ago. It’s in ‘C’. It’s called “Your Cheatin’ Heart”. Ready Y’all?” - - 

- - “Your Cheatin’ Heart” 1952 

They were all playing nice and easy. Hank was looking around, and stomping his foot to the beat, and closing his eyes, like he was listening, and smiling. 

“Soundin’ real good, Tom,” said Hank, when they finished the song. George agreed, Connie was smiling, and Anna Louise was looking happy for her brother. 

“Hank?” said Anna Louise, slowly. “You looked like you were thinking about something?” 

“Reckon I did slip away a second or two,” he said. “Y’all are doing fine, just fine. Y’all know this one, I bet. - ‘Hey Good Lookin’’? It’s in ‘C’. Take her ‘round again, Tom. I’m liking it!” 

- - “Hey Good Lookin’” - 1951 

“Well, well, ain’t this something?” said Hank.

“Sure is, Hank,” chimed in Anna Louise. 

“TK’s coming,” Connie called out. 

TK hurried up to the group, his accordion already on his chest. “I’m glad you all are still here. I thought you might have gone by now, it’s gonna get wet. I’m ‘TK’. Pleased to meet you, Hank,” he said, shaking hands with Hank and George. 

“Same here, TK. This is George,” said Hank. 

George said, “Hi TK, glad you could make it. We got us a full-sized band now, Hank. Let’s do ‘Honky Tonk Blues’.” 

“Good idea,” said Hank. “I play it in ‘A’.” Hank suddenly got an idea. “Cover me, folks, I’m gonna hit some licks in the solo.” - - 

- - ”Honky Tonk Blues” - 1948 

Well, Hank sure got his share of kudos, as did TK. “Good playin' TK,” said Hank.” That was fun. I haven’t taken a solo in a long time. You all are real easy to play with. What’s the name of your band. Anna Louise said y’all had one?” 

“We’re called ‘The Swamp Things’”, said Tommy. At that, everyone laughed at the same time. 

Then, the lady who had been dancing, nearby, brought over a plate of barbequed ribs, and shrimp, or crawfish. Plus, a couple of Mason jars full of something to drink.  

She said, “Thanks for the music, Y’all. - Hank, you need to put on some weight, and you are looking pale.” Hank smiled and acknowledged with a nod. They all thanked her. 

“Connie, Tommy, Anna Louise – don't you go drinking any of that,” she said, pointing to one of the jars. “This other one is for you all.” 

“Thanks, Mrs. Savoy,” Connie said. “We won’t.” 

They all grabbed something off the plate, and passed the jar around. The jar with the alcohol, Connie, Tommy, and Anna Louise took a swig from. Hank took the jug from TK, and passed it on to George. George looked really pleased with that. 

For a short while they ate, and looked at the darkening sky.  

TK appeared to be about thirty, same as Hank, but Hank sure looked a lot older. I got the feeling that TK wasn’t exactly pleased with Anna Louise and Hank’s making eyes at each other. Hank noticed it also. Maybe TK had a thing going for her. 

“Do Y’all play out? Are you making any money? Hank asked. 

Tommy answered, “We play out, but, we don’t make any money. We have a singer, and a bass player, and a drummer sometimes. Thet all work on the oil rigs, out in the gulf. They’ll be gone a couple of weeks at a time, so we can’t get gigs regular-like.” 

When they finished eating, Anna Louise reached over to TK, and wiped her hands on his shirttail. TK cracked a smile, and just shook his head. They were funny. I bet she was a real handful. 

She said, “Hank, let’s play ‘I Saw The Light’. It’s just about my favorite! We did it in church this morning. Everybody likes it!” 

“Well, I’m glad of that! I like it, too!” Hank said to her. “OK, take the lead. Let’s go!” 

                                                            End part 3                                               

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